HANABI global kitchen
HANABI global kitchen

Access: Follow down street from the arcade, turn to Big Echo 【Karaoke】 【Club Street】, 50 meters ahead on the left of the building 【Twilight East Building】 underground

Course details

Luxury fresh fish sashimi & Kuroba calf from the prefecture & cooking with Hiroshima prefectural oyster dessert Course 4800 yen 120 minutes Drinks-free meal 9 items

Luxury fresh fish sashimi & Kuroba calf from the prefecture & cooking with Hiroshima prefectural oyster dessert Course 4800 yen 120 minutes Drinks-free meal 9 items

By using a coupon4800 yen

※ Saturday +500 yen per person private room / + 300 yen (VIP room 1 room 5000 yen)

  • 9items
  • 2-200persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink! More than 200 kinds! There is also a luxury option.【Option】 (+ 500 yen cocktail of freshly squeezed fruits, all-you-can-eat homemade sangria of today) (+ 500 yen Heineken all you can drink -2 ℃ freezing extra cold OK !!) (+ 1500 yen 10 countries premium craft beer all you can drink)

Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock on the desired date of coming to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Confidence over the price! With local foods as the main food ingredients Our shop Kuroba beef dish from Kumamoto prefecture has been highly acclaimed.For more than 10 people, the piercing is upgraded to a luxurious boat priced! Saturday is +500 yen.

Course menu

For cooking only, if you can drink without drinks you will be 2500 yen per person.※ 1 Drink

◆ ◇ ◆ Course Menu ◆ ◇ ◆

■ Luxury Season Fresh Fish Assorted Sashimi

■ Roast Beef on Black Birch Beef

■ Hiroshima prefecture large grain raw oyster Kobou Ponzu

■ Three yuan swine ham and fruit tomato salad

■ HANABI Original horse meat sausage

■ Hiroshima prefecture large grain oysterfly

■ Black Birch Beef Large Toro Sirloin Steak

Broiled sail stand and risotto of 16 grains

■ Jackie Jersey Ice

If you have any allergies, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Course contents may change depending on purchase situation.

※ If you have dishes or ingredients you can not eat

Please tell at the time of reservation.

All-you-can-drink menu

· ● Beer menu ●
· KIRIN the most squeezed tranny raw non alcoholic beer ichi ichi ■ Via cocktail ■ Heineken at + 500 yen + 2 ℃ freeze Heineken extra cold, premium beer all you can drink all you can drink as long as such as Shandiger 's, Panache, Biamo Heat etc
· ● Shochu menu ●
- (Rock, soda, water, tea, oolong tea, hot water split Please taste your choice) ■ Potato shochu ■ - Black Kirishima, Satsuma Festival ■ Rice shochu ■ ■ Shiratake, Hitomebore ■ Wheat ■ - Niceko, Nisekido ■ Shiso ■ Tanaka Expectoration
· ● Fruit wine menu ●
· (Rock, Soda, Ginjayal Allotment Please tell me) Precious plum wine, yuzu plum wine, apricot wine, hawthorn syrup, spicy liquor
· ● wine menu ●
· Red, white wine ■ Francia from California, USA ■ Red wine cocktail ■ Kalimo City, Kitty, Nouveau Apple, Cardinal, Wine Cooler ■ White Wine Cocktail ■ Operator, Symphony, Splitzer, Kiel, White Wine Cooler
· ● Cocktail menu ●
· Cocktails in general, such as cassis orange, cassised soda, cassis oolong, banana milk, strawberry milk, cali milk, mango apple, gin tonic, moscommeur tequila sunrise, mexican cook, spumoni, regge punch, campari orange, campari soda melon ball,
· ● Soft drink menu ●
· Pepsi Cola, Gingeraire, Orange Juice, Grapefruit, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Whitewater, White Soda, Tonic Water, Apple Juice
· ● Whiskey Menu ●
· Whiskey ■ 22 kinds of mustard, tris, white horse must-see highball red ball · raspberry ball · passion ball · coconut ball · spicy ball · citrus ball · rose ball · soltyi cassis ball · china ball · solty ball · solty lychee Ball · Peach ball
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
· Cassis Orange, Cassis Soda, Cassis Oolong, Cassis Grape, Fuzzy Negble, Regga Punch, Strawberry Milk Banana Milk, Banana Prix, Raisi Soda, China Blue, Raspberry Milk, Raspberry Soda Cinderella, Shirley Temple etc.
· 【Option】 + 500 yen premium draft beer all you can drink
· There are only 2 items in Kumamoto Minus 2 ° C - Heineken Extra Cold Premium Draft Beer Heineken
· 【Option】 + 500 yen raw fresh fruit cocktail homemade handmade sangria all you can drink
- Handmade home-made sangria raw diaphragm cassis orange diaphragm cassis grape raw diaphragm fagginen raw diaphragm mango apple raw diaphragm screwdriver raw diaphragm bulldog
· 【Option】 + 1500 yen 10 countries Craft beer All you can drink
· Corona Extra (Mexico) · Budweiser Long Neck (USA) · Guinness Stout (UK) · Coors Light · Bath Perale Yale (UK) · Moretti (Italy) · Lion Lager · Lion Stout · Sinha - Beer · Tintao Beer · Carlsberg Green · Bar Barber · Tecate · Sol

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